Magazine Articles

"The Cracker Mob, pt 1" Cigar City Magazine, April/May 2012



"Charlie Williams, Bolita Kingpin of St. Pete (with Mike Ward)" Cigar City Magazine, Feb/March 2012



"The Libation Lounge", Cigar City Magazine, ongoing column



"Al Capone's Tampa Bay Connection." Cigar City Magazine, November 2011



"Havana Dreams." Cigar City Magazine, February 2011



"Tampa's Mob Spots." Cigar City Magazine, December 2010



"Overlords of the Underworld: International." High Society, February 2009



"The Bonnanos in Brooklyn." Mob Candy, January 2009.



"The Kefauver Hearings" Cigar City Magazine, April 2008



"Family Secrets" High Society, April 2008



"Ten Things About the CIA You Never Knew" High Society, February 2008



"The Silent Don." High Society, November 2007



"Analyze This." Weekly Planet, July 31, 2002, cover story.



"Peeping Feds." Weekly Planet, January 31, 2002, cover story.



"Ciao Jimmie." Weekly Planet, June 14, 2001, news section.



"The Mob: A Drive-By Historical Tour of Tampa's Notorious Wise Guys." Weekly Planet, April 26, 2001, cover story.



"Redfellas" Weekly Planet, April 2000, cover story